The Sleep Sensei Device

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How it works

The Sleep Sensei guides users to sleep by coaching their breathing patterns. Your breathing rate decreases when you are asleep, so the Sleep Sensei trains your breathing to get slower as the coaching session progresses to ease you into a state of sleep. Using calm red light, the Sleep Sensei produces a sinusoidal pattern of light that you follow with your breathing.

Graphs Side by Side

As the light begins to brighten, the user inhales, and as the light dims, the user exhales. As time passes, the breath length gets longer up to a maximum length specified by the user’s settings. It is a very gradual and unnoticeable change that happens progressively over time.


Bright and Aimable

coaching light animation

The main innovation of the Sleep Sensei is that it uses bright light capable of penetrating the eyelids in order to make it visible with eyes closed. Other similar products are just not bright enough to achieve this and require open eyes.

pivoting animation

The Sleep Sensei has a pivoting base to allow you to shine the coaching light directly at the eyelids no matter how tall, short, or non-existent your nightstand is.

Adjustable Brightness



The maximum brightness of the Sleep Sensei can be adjusted any time using the adjustment wheel. This allows you to shine it on a wall for eyes-open coaching, dim it a bit if you are sensitive to light, or stare right at it for a meditation session.

Simple Design

When I set out to make this project, I was determined to make the final design as simple as possible, both to reduce cost and to make using it simple and easy.



Through both the formal sleep study and by giving Sleep Senseis to friends, family, and acquaintances, I have been gathering feedback about the device. Here are some of the comments I have gotten:

“I think the quality of sleep has been improving, and I think that’s the Sleep Sensei. When I start having issues again I pull it out and it does help” – Alice S, TX


“I was really impressed with the [Sleep Sensei]- it cut the amount of time it took me to fall asleep by about half … I basically don’t have insomnia anymore and it feels that way” Marijke S, MA


“The [Sleep Sensei] allows me to fall asleep in at least under 30 minutes, sometimes even as few as 7 minutes, which is great for me! I would definitely recommend this device to anyone who is on the search for something new to help them fall asleep, someone who perhaps has tried every other sleep aid without finding anything that truly helps yet. The Sleep Sensei is awesome!” – Kate B, GA


“I’ve noticed a HUGE decrease in how long it takes me to fall asleep which has been wonderful! I really like the machine.  It’s easy to use and works well.” – Kelly P, LA


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